Biweekly [[wiki]] or HTML code tutorials?

I have a good number of people whom IM me asking me to fix their page on a wiki that they broke, or parsers, or something they’re having a bit of trouble with in HTML. I know many more whom want to learn these things. They see tutorials but they go straight over their heads, they want the code in laymen terms.

I have written tutorials before, and they got great output, but those were years ago! I am thinking of doing this again, perhaps biweekly instead of whenever I feel like writing them now. I probably will mostly focus on wiki code, as I enjoy it more.

So, readers of my blog, would you all like me to start tutorials teaching wiki code, or HTML? Wiki code would be good on anything that uses the MediaWiki software, or many others as the syntax is roughly the same.

I’ll probably be focusing on assuming you know the basics, and trying to show you how to do something cool, or advanced that is really, in reality simple. Like, teaching you how to use parsers. Tips and tricks, and all.

So… your thoughts readers?


~ by Ashkir on January 11, 2011.

One Response to “Biweekly [[wiki]] or HTML code tutorials?”

  1. Yes, these would be super fabulous!!

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