Can families grow in size?

Can a family grow in size? This question is asked often by role players, and writers whom are trying to get family affairs in order. Do families grow in size? Well, I think they do, but, let’s build a family from scratch and check if it does. I am going to use this program called Family Echo and The Name Generator to be building my fictional family.

Let’s start with a girl named Amelia Scarlet. Let’s say she has no family. So she’ll be our starting point, the beginning of a family. To make it easier to keep track of, let’s say she was born in 2011. This year. :). So here we go:

Family Count: 1

It is now year 2033 and Amelia is now 22 years old. Amelia started dating some guy named Kyle Swan when she was 18, he proposed last year in year 2032 and they got married later on that year. So the only family Amelia and Kyle has is with each other. So here’s the new update:

Family Count: 2

Now, Amelia is 22 and Kyle is 24. They have their first baby. They name him Everett Swan. Awwww… a baby!

Family Count: 3

Amelia and Kyle really love each other, and they live their little bundle of joy. They want a second baby, and they really want a baby girl. Well, they weren’t not that lucky, they had another baby boy named Charles Swan, born nearly two years after his big brother, Everett. Everett doesn’t like him very much, but he survives to become a happy baby.

Family Count: 4

Amelia doesn’t want another kid, but, Kyle really wants a baby girl. So him and Amelia finally get what they wanted, thankfully. A baby girl is born a year after little Charles. The baby is named Helen Swan. Yay! New baby! :3

Family Count: 5

Aww. Perfect little babies, huh? They are perfect and they all live to get happily married! Yay! Little Charles marries first to a Megan Shears. Happy year 2054!

Family Count: 6

Let’s keep in mind that Megan married into Amelia’s family. So her family members won’t count, unless we’re focusing on Charles.

Oh, but 2055 won’t be a slow year for the Swan family. Charles now has a baby named after his mother (d’awww), Amelia Swan! And… Everett is now married to a lovely girl named Katherine Nelms.

Family Count: 8

Wow! This family sure is growing! Huh? So, yes, over time, families do grow in size if there are not deaths and each member of the family produces an offspring, it can keep on growing, and growing, and eventually be so large where you cannot remember anyone.

In the modern world, Amelia and Kyle would live long enough to be great-grandparents and great-great grandparents. If their kids had 4 kids, 2 kids, and 3 kids, and all got married, the family count would become 9 from marriage, 13 from 4 new kids, 15 from 2 new kids, and 17 from another 2 kids.

Kyle dies, and Charles’ oldest has twins, family count moves to 18. then a surge of babies being born throws the family count to 27.

Now do you understand how families grow? ^^. I hope this helped some folks! I was going to go into more detail in generations, but… wow, so many details make up a family! Think about it as well, from a child’s perspective, or a single character’s perspective, their family is easily twice the size of Amelia’s. Think of Amelia’s siblings, their marriages and kids, her parents, their parents, their family, etc. It can easily triple, and quadrupole.


~ by Ashkir on January 13, 2011.

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  1. Wow…that’s interesting! BTW…I thought you were doing POSTAWEEK and it seems as though you’ve been posting almost everyday! Are you enjoying blogging so far? 😉


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