Facts about me.

Kate was talking to me about her doing an article about facts about herself and going into the back-story of the facts. I really liked this idea, and some of it started making me think about it as well. I compiled a small list of facts about myself. ^^

I have small hands. The average hand size for men is 7.4 inches long. My hand size is 5 3/4 inches (5.7 inches) long. Many people have different hand sizes for left and right, I measured both, and they’re the same size for me. So basically, my hands are 2 inches shorter then the average. The average width of the hand is 3.5 inches long, mine is 2 and 3/4 inches (2.7 inches) long. So I’m 2 inches shorter in length, and almost 1 inch shorter in width. So, I guess I have small hands. I can fit into gloves marked ‘Size small’, often times they feel big on me.

I am not afraid to die. Many people fear death. They want to continue life. They want to live forever. Immortality is impossible. But, me? I don’t fear death. Hell, I was legally and medically dead once. People call me out on this oftentimes. They say because I ‘say’ I fear death, I really don’t and I’m lying and putting on a ‘tough guy’ act. I fear of death for others, yes, but for myself? No. I’m not scared to die. I am living on borrowed time. I am a medical miracle.

I am absolutely in love with salsa, it is my favorite food. I love salsa. I have since I was a toddler first starting to eat. Nobody in my family, or of my friends in the real world will argue with the fact. If someone asks at a party why there is so much salsa, several people will reply “Nick eats his weight in salsa.” I really do eat my weight in salsa. ^^. I do not like sweet salsa, and I’m a fan of pico de gallo over the rest. However, I love my childhood neighbor, Mr. Wilson’s corn salsa… it is just plain… yummy.

I like my first name, somewhat. A lot of people don’t like their first names. I kind of like mine, and at the same time I don’t. A lot of people in my year in schools had the name ‘Nicholas’. That name was too common in elementary school. One class I was in with 25 kids, 5 of us had this name. Luckily, that class, the teacher known me from the previous grade, and assigned me the name Nick, without an initial. The rest of the kids were known as ‘Nicholas X’ where X is their initial, or ‘Nick X’. As I grew up, I really turned to like the name Nick. A lot of people in high school were shocked to find out my full first name is Nicholas for some reason.

By the way… my high school diploma only reads my nickname, Nick and my last name. My middle name or full first name are omitted. I didn’t choose this, but, it is the name I went by, and I guess that’s why they put it on my diploma. My mom threw a fit over it, so I stole my diploma and moved out. 😛

I love games, but I suck at playing them, but I’m a knowledgeable resource. I’m addicted to games. I love all kinds of games, not counting first-shooters (sorry, I think Counterstrike sucks; I just can’t get into that). I am a PC gamer, and not a console player (xBox, Playstation, Wii). I feel PC games offer a better world, as we have more controls, and I grew up attached to a computer, so a PC feels more natural to me. And seriously, tell me how you can play a game with five freaken buttons on a remote. The only console I play outside of my PC would be my Nintendo DS. I got addicted to pokemon when I was little.

I am not the best player at games. I sometimes suck (or maybe usually). But, I’m known for being a great resource for that game. If I fall in love with a game, I learn a lot about that game. Hell, one of the games I loved, I built an entire wiki about it. People STILL come to me asking me questions about mechanics in that game, even though I quit a while ago. My knowledge led to a modship on an mmorpg. How do you think I met Kate? 🙂

I love pokemon. Yes, I am 21 years old. I was born on the cusp of the Y/Z generation. As the Y generation, Pokemon was our generation. We had the 150 original, and god… there are too many pokemon now to count! I still have a soft spot for pokemon, as it was one of the best things of my childhood. I was in a lot of pain, and constantly sick. My nintendo handhelds got me through the day. Pokemon Red anyone? I also had Pokemon Blue, but it got stolen out of my house. 😦 We tore apart the house and didn’t find it.

Strangely… one of the neighborhood kids got a pokemon game that same day… pokemon blue; just my second day having it. My stepdad came home and got me Pokemon red. I once had a giant five foot tall pikachu stuffed animal. o.O I had a lot of pokemon cards in my childhood, and I kept them all. But, in high school in my senior year, I was getting ready to move out of my home as the year ended and move down south. I realized some of the teacher’s kids played pokemon and some students at my high school did, I brought my cards and told them knock themselves out.

They were fighting over whom would get my holographic mew card, so I just tore it up. I know, stupid. But I wanted the arguing to stop. Hopefully those cards still have a good home. ^^.

I have no clue what I want to do with my life… Seriously. I don’t.


~ by Ashkir on January 14, 2011.

3 Responses to “Facts about me.”

  1. Ok so I did not know your first name is Nick. Where’d Ashkir come from?? I like gaming on the PC, DS, and Wii, though I have to say that my fave is probably Wii. It’s awesome. and yes i like having 5 buttons on a freaking remote. haha 🙂

    -Tia (short for Tialla)


  2. […] reading Ashkir’s post this morning, wherein he gives and describes some facts about himself, I decided that might be a […]

  3. What a good idea!! *steals* 🙂

    Oh, and pico de gallo IS the best salsa!

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