Fiction Friday: Ian’s Story, Chapter I

Hello all! I hope you enjoy this! ^^. It isn’t a very strong chapter, but, it was to introduce more characters and to establish a baseline.

“What? How can you not see the connection Ryan?” a fifteen year old male spoke hastily. It was a standard classroom, with a total of twenty-one seats split into three rows. He was standing up in front of his desk with his head facing a girl across the room whom was also standing.

“The United States government is not just a group of teenage girls, I would know. Why would you even think something like that?” a loud voice spoke from the front of the room. The owner of the voice stood up, and turned her head toward the young man on the right several desks down from her.

“All it is, is teenagers bickering over what would be better for their group. Who gives them the right?” he threw the argument back into the girl’s ballpark without a second thought.

“They’re elected, Kirk,” Ryan snapped back at him. The whole class turned their heads to him as it was rare for anyone to call the young Kirk by his first name.

“Its Tony!” he snapped back at Ryan and continued on with their argument, “So who cares? When I turned on the news last week I saw a representative smack another with his shoe. You seriously think they’re not a group of teenagers? Fine, they’re adults with teenage attitudes half the time. It’s no wonder why this country is at a standstill.” Tony sat down, unwilling to argue further. Ethan, whom sat in the desk next to him, couldn’t help himself from laughing.


“Hi Calliope,” Ethan spoke sneaking up on a large woman in a library halfway into the lunch period. He gave a soft smile as Calliope turned around. “They released me yesterday, I’m sorry I couldn’t get on, my moms wouldn’t let me.

“Ian! You’re back!” Calliope jumped up and grasped the young man into a near crushing hug, nearly lifting him off of his feet. “We downed Lord Nylos Shadowfall, last night. You’d love that fight.” Calliope was one of Ethan’s best friends. She knew everything about him, and he knew everything about her, even though she was double his age. After a few seconds she let Ian go, and walked behind the counter in the library and took a seat.

Ethan followed Calliope and followed her behind the counter. He grabbed a chair and pulled it by Calliope and gave a soft smile. It was the lunch period, he was not eating. “I can’t eat today, scan after lunch,” he spoke softly as he rested his arm on the surface of the counter and rested his head on it. Ethan did not need to explain himself, but he said it automatically as Calliope would like to know everything. “So, Calliope, you have to tell me more about that fight! Did Yang lead it?”

“Yes he did,” Calliope smiled softly, and turned her head to face Ethan. Ethan was about to start to continue asking questions, but Calliope interrupted him by placing her hand on his shoulder and soothingly speaking, “Ian, slow down. I want to know about you. How are you, Ian?” Calliope turned her head and body to look around the library to make sure it was calm. The library was her job, she was the librarian and she needed to keep it calm. After a few seconds she glanced back at Ethan and continued speaking, “Tell me Ian. How are you? Doctors okay? Your grandparents? Tony and Ryan?”

Ethan laughed at Calliope after she had him slow down and went onto asking her own badger of questions. He knew exactly why Calliope stopped him, he has not seen her in nearly two weeks since she last visited the hospital. “Well, the doctors say I’m doing okay for now. I don’t know why my grandparents came.” Ethan became distracted at the sound of the door opening and closing. The library was a busy place, out of habit both his and Calliope’s eyes dart to the door to check on what is going on. “About Tony and Ryan, they got in another argument today… I bet you can guess which class and over what again.”

Tony and Ryan were some of Ethan’s closest friends. They visited him often, and they would do nearly everything together. Calliope knew them well enough, as she knew Ethan nearly all of his life. As soon as Ethan mentioned the fact that Tony and Ryan got into another argument, Calliope couldn’t help but to laugh and sputter out the name of the class, “US History.”

“So yeah. Calliope, you have to tell me how that fight was. Is it true—”

Ethan was interrupted by Calliope, “Ian, you’ll see that boss soon. Now, how is it with your grandparents here? What are your doctors saying?” She was concerned for Ethan, but, Ethan kept dodging her questions, she just wanted the relief of knowing they’d be answered before the lunch period came to a close.

“Okay, okay. So, yeah, my grandparents came down yesterday. It was a hectic night when I got released. The doctor says I’m in the clear for now, and hopefully it’ll stay that way. I have to go back every few days though.” Ethan got the point over quickly, before slowing down into details, “You remember what happened last time my Grandpa was in town? He rampaged and tried to kick my mom out of the house. Well… last night was a sleepless night of constant arguments. If anything will separate my moms it’ll be my Grandpa Steven.”

Calliope nodded, and couldn’t keep herself from giving a short laugh at Ethan’s last comment. Ethan couldn’t help it, and he laughed as well. Steven Caulderwood was a running joke, he blamed Abigail for everything, and seemed to hate Brookelyn. The only person whom he seemed to like was Ethan. Ethan was his only grandson, and was the person to carry on his family name. Everyone in Ethan’s family was long gone, and the only people left was his grandparents, his mother and Ethan himself.

“This morning they were not arguing. They all seemed happy. So, now enough about my annoying family, Callie. Did either of my moms tell you yet, the news?” Ethan asked curiously, he wanted to know if she knew of anything yet.

“No, I haven’t heard from them yet, though I was not at home last night. I was going to the city to pick up Keith, we stayed the night in an inn at Ol’ Meadowgrove about two hours out. Traffic was too slow last night.” She would have explained further, but she was sure Ethan already heard about the accident in-between their town of Cresthallow and the town of Ol’ Meadowgrove. There was a major accident on the roads, nearly closing down traffic. Calliope decided to stay in an inn then fight the traffic for hours, when she could have just take the last half an hour drive in the morning when the roads were clear again.

The bell rung. That bell indicated that the lunch period was to end in a few moments. Ethan sighed, and Calliope jumped up out of her seat and walked out of the counter of the library to make sure the kids start leaving the library and shutting down the computers. Ethan stood up and switched to Calliope’s chair and started dealing with the new line that came to the counter to check out books from the library. He barely moved as the students seemed to know what they needed to do.

The students scanned their cards, then their books. The computer logged the books. Ethan had to double check the books and return the computer program back to accepting new students. As the new student scanned his stuff, he took the books from the previous student and ran them against a metal magnet plate against the counter’s side. This demagnetized the books so the security system wouldn’t go off.

Within moments, Calliope returned and took over the computer and the scanning from him. Ethan stood up, and gave Calliope a quick hug. “I gotta go to go back to the hospital now Callie, see you later. Come over tonight?”


~ by Ashkir on January 14, 2011.

4 Responses to “Fiction Friday: Ian’s Story, Chapter I”

  1. Well, yesterday I also started to work on a non-fiction! And I found you in blogging buddy. If you don’t mind, I’d like to be your buddy! 🙂

  2. […] working on. Be aware, it’s just a two paragraph teaser. Also, Ashkir has posted the first chapter of a new story as part of his “Fiction Friday” section. I also liked his short story, Cresthallow, […]

  3. Eee! I loved this bit! I think I am going to adore Calliope!

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