Memoirs from The Syre FAQ

Hi there! I hope you all enjoyed my favorite part of the work I call Memoirs from The Syre. If you haven’t read it, I suggest you do so before you read this posting. As promised, here are common questions (I suspect) and their answers.

What is The Syre? / Why is it capitalized The Syre and not the Syre?
The Syre is the name of the old inn. It was called The Ol’ Inn for a while, but, over time people begun to call it by the name it was renowned for. What it means, I’m not willing to share that just yet. 🙂

What is the significance of the leather bracelet?
When Zarek and Torr were young they made friendship bracelets on leather. They had it on for a while. Zarek lost his bracelet just days prior to the section you all got to read, so Torr was returning it. When either Torr or Zarek loses their bracelet, they feel naked without it. They’ve worn these bracelets for over twenty years. (I haven’t decided on their ages, besides that they are likely 27+).

The bracelet had a metal sheet on it with a carving inside of it. Zarek’s reads: To: Zarek ❤ Torr. Torr’s says the same thing but with the names swapped.

Is there anything going on between Zarek and Torr?
No. They’re best friends.

Why was Zarek leaving The Syre?
Do you really want to know? o.o. Well… if you want to highlight this continue reading: (START HIGHLIGHT)
He murdered a man named Trey Effort to defend his secret, the fact he killed his own father to stop him from completing his project (which was bad). Trey stumbled onto the secret, and it put Zarek in jeopardy.

Why are the names strange?

Anything unique about this world you’d like to share?
This world is a world of ancient people whom strive to better themselves. It is a mixture of seemingly a modern-day world and civilizations so old that humanity could not even possibly remember its roots, or the first rulers.

However, The Syre is located in the region of Haeln. The people of the world do not greet in handshakes as we would do here in real life. Memoirs from The Syre takes place in a different version of our world with humanity. They do not salute as we would do.

The people of Haeln salute is vastly different then the modern day countries of our world. They hold their hand up to their forehead, their dominant hand. The two fingers are straight, much like a normal salute. The middle finger his curved halfway and the pinky is facing down. This is a strong symbol for the people of Haeln. They salute their flag this way. Their leaders, and their military superiors (if a military citizen).

It is very common for there to be a mix of hands in saluting. The military requires your left hand for certain things or your right hand on Earth, but on Haeln they do not, it is your dominant hand. If a person is naturally ambidextrous they will salute with both.

Anything else about Haeln?
Haeln is a gigantic region, roughly in comparison of size of the United States and Canada combined and is ruled by one government (split into several territories). They are fiercely independent and proud of whom they are. They are a very proud people. However, they do not let their military control their lives. In retrospect their military is small, and does not consume most of their nation’s budget. Admiration into scientific efforts are highly respected in Haeln. The scientists and military get along, many of the top military officials are in fact knowledgeable when it comes to basic concepts of science.

Haeln and the people in that region has not experienced a war in nearly fifty years.

Now if you read my spoiler… how about the last paragraph from the book to make you question your life as you know it?! Here it is:

“I’ll prove my innocence,” Zarek whispered into Torr’s left ear. Torr turned around as Zarek knelt down and hugged his son. Within a minute he was running deeper into the Woods behind the inn, leaving everything behind. Zarek got away.


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  1. Ahhh, now things make more sense! 🙂

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