Calligraphy Day Two

Hi all! As some of you know, I’m trying to learn calligraphy! The beginners book I have confuses me a bit, but I’m still going to try. I practiced since about 7 PM and now it’s about 10:20 PM, so roughly three hours. My back feels all stiff! Haha!

So, here’s what I managed to make for today:

I’m still trying to get used to the pens, and the sizes, and the angles! It is harder to move your arm then you’d think! I’m not used to moving my arm in angles…

Well! This was day two, in my fail attempt at the Roman font! Lets hope we see some improvement over the next few weeks! I’m going to try to master the Roman Font, then go onto the Italic, then Gothic. Any tips, please let me know!

I swear… the ink does not like me. Stopped flowing on the 20 degree S angle.


~ by Ashkir on January 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “Calligraphy Day Two”

  1. looks like it could be a fun hobby.

  2. Hey, that’s really good! Much better than I could do…but then again I have dipping pens, and it’s a lot harder with them. Good job


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