Fiction Friday: Through the Water

Hello everyone. ^^. I come to you all this Friday with another great story from my collection! A fresh story! I haven’t written in this style since… well… I’m not sure when was the last time I wrote in first person. This story is about two people whom love each other more then anything, and one of their greatest friends, whom isn’t a human at all!

There are multiple characters in this story, however, only three will be truly seen. This is a short story. Shocking, right? No chapter this time! This is titled Through the Water.

The evening was cool when we climbed aboard Jakob’s dragon. It was a frigid night, and we were too impatient to wait until the day when the caravan would travel across the border to the sea kingdom. Besides, with access to a dragon, we would have been fools to have taken the boat. On the back of the dragon, Jakob held me into his arms as his dragon lifted off from the ground below us with great force.

Traveling by flight was not my idea of travel, but, it was either soaring through the skies or taking a long boat ride full of awkward folks whom you’d never like to see the likes of again. The traders weren’t the kind bunch. Neither I or Jakob were strong enough to hall several large packages on and off at the several stops. It was just a better idea to travel on the dragon, the speed was worth it.

I hated flying on the dragon’s back. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Jakob’s dragon. She was the greatest, friendly, and always ready and eager to help out with anything she possibly can. Camping trips, fishing expeditions, and short trips without Jakob to find him the perfect gift for his birthday or our anniversary.

My father is a successful business man, running a shipping company that expands across the kingdoms. It is an enjoyable life; though not an easy one. I cannot just hitch a ride to the kingdom of which my mother hails from. When I seek to travel from my father’s place to my mother’s place I have to travel across the borders of these two kingdoms to separate cities. If we were to hitch a merchant’s vessel from the river down to the sea toward my mother’s home, an island within the sea a kingdom across… it would take us about four days. A day to leave the river, three days at sea. By the flight of the dragon, we can make the trip nonstop; within half a day.

We left shortly after lunch with my father. As soon as we climbed aboard Jakob’s dragon, the stable’s keeper spoke a word to me that threw Jakob into a roar of laughter, “I cannot believe your father still does not have a clue about you and Jakob. You two been together for four years now!” I simply smiled and nodded. I did not want to talk about my father. I did not want to go into the family business of my father. My older sister could do that, I am not as good as my sister is when it comes to trading. I like the more economical side of it, but, I cannot stand being in an office with my father all day.

However, in the city of which my mother lives, I may be able to find a better job. Perhaps a great one for this summer. Jakob and I are going to visit my mother to share with her the news we have. Jakob and I needed to talk to my mother. She probably would have been thrilled, my father on the other hand, well, he’ll find out when the time is right. I was in the process of moving in with Jakob, but, we promised my mother we would be there.

The dragon smelled of burnt fish, ordinary smell for this dragon, whom loved the taste of fish. However, she did not realize that she burnt the fish further beyond what we would eat, so, we relied on ourselves for our own food. We’re young, in our twenties, so we of course brought only snacks and nothing like vegetables. We weren’t on any diet. We wanted the good stuff. It was a long ride on the back of a slippery dragon.

We were off, and were already catching up. I haven’t seen Jakob for a few days, as I spent much of my time with my father and sisters. They would still not give up torturing me, their little sibling for nothing. It was one of their favorite pastimes. “I think my dad is going to give everything to my sister,” I spoke up to Jakob. Jakob responded by carefully turning around on the dragon’s back to face me.

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt you. You never really liked the travel involved to remote places. You seemed really bored last time we went down south. I don’t blame you, I don’t want to go there again… anyway, wouldn’t you be happier working near your mom?” Jakob had a point. The only thing I really enjoyed about the shipping company was the economics and trade routes. I hated having to get out of the caravan to visit a village or town where I have to walk around with a guard to prevent getting mugged.

I remember a time when I was only fourteen and I ran off from the guard, frustrated that I couldn’t do anything. That day seemed to have scarred me. I watched two men beat up a child over a stale piece of bread. They looked at me, and my non-worn clothes. I bet they assumed I had some coins on me. I ran, scared. Luckily I was never hurt.

It was not long before we were flying over the sea, and the river that fed the sea vanished from sight. We only saw water, water in every direction. This was actually my favorite part of the ride back then. It made Jakob uneasy to be over the water, but, I loved it. My mom lived on an island, far to the northeast of where my father lived. The late afternoon sun begun to irritate my neck. Jakob held a grip onto the dragon, feeling the warmth beginning to reflect off of the dragon as well. This never lasted very long, as Jakob’s dragon moved quickly, and before we would know it the late afternoon and eve would be upon us.

“Hey, remember Ezelle?” Jakob asked. I simply nodded my head. Ezelle was a man known seemingly across the world. Everyone knew Ezelle, and he somehow knew everyone. Ezelle is a man, seemingly older then anyone has ever encountered. He was not right in the head, and told stories of times nobody would remember. He would stand in lines for hours… when the only problem was, he was the only person in the line for nothing. He would mutter off to some invisible friend, whom shared the name of his late wife. “Well… I saw him yesterday. He had this wooden chair and his cane on a small patch of grass where the horses eat. He kept waving his cane at them, trying to defend his lawn.”

I couldn’t help but to snort. Ezelle was a man whom would do things nobody knew what he would do. “Does Ezelle even have a lawn?” I asked Jakob. We both knew the answer anyway, the answer was no. Ezelle was just a man whom traveled the world, alone. He was nothing more then a traveler and a storyteller. A great storyteller for that matter. I remember when I was a child, he would tell me stories of our king and his unhealthy addiction and love to squirrels. They were highly entertaining.

The mood of our trip changed quickly as we flew into a patch of clouds. Clouds were normal for us. The wind picked up, causing our warm necks to instantly become cold. Drops of water developed across our body and our ride. We didn’t think twice about this, because it was normal. A light rain on the ocean constantly happened. We’ve had seen it several times. Jakob and I just went back to idle chatter about the last few days of our lives and random topics.

It was a tough decision, my mother and father would never have approved of Jakob, but, I love him. So they would have to accept him. They did not approve of my sister’s husband, but, over time they treat him as the family. I hoped the same would reoccur again for me and Jakob. I had a job interview on the island of which my mother hailed residency, and, I decided it would also be the perfect opportunity to tell her the news. I was sure she would be thrilled. But, it was a tough decision. What if it all had backfired? Well, backfired it did.

We went further into the clouds, and they seemed to grow bigger and darker. Rain poured, soaking us. Several moments later, we realized we have not made it through the cloud brink. We knew something was wrong. We just flew into a storm. Before the dragon even had a chance to try and fly higher, or faster to escape the storm, a strike of lightning hit. It was loud, causing our ears to ring. Jakob and I held on tightly, knowing the downpour of rain was going to become slippery.

The dragon couldn’t fly higher, because of the lightning becoming more and more common. She couldn’t take that risk. We all knew we needed to go lower, or find a way out of this storm, but, we were so high in the sky, it would take minutes to be just above the waves of the water.

Lightning struck close to us, causing me to nearly jump, I would have if I were not holding on for my life. The storm got worse, the winds grew stronger. We never had the chance to get to a safe distance above the water. We were too high when a bolt of lightning struck the dragon’s back, causing both Jakob and I to let go. It would scar her back, but, we kept our balance for a few seconds. A strung gust of wind pushed both Jakob and I off the back of the dragon.

We fell, plummeting to the surface of the water. We accelerated quickly down. I knew I wouldn’t get out of this ordeal. My mind and body was locked out of thought and control. All I was able to do was hear Jakob shout out to the dragon, “Save him!” She obeyed, and grabbed me in her talons. I watched, frozen as I saw below me a splash of water as Jakob hit it. There was no time for her to save both. The dragon stayed silent, and beat her wings harder and harder. I fainted.

I awoke. My body ached. It pained me. I ignored the cuts across my chest and back, from the dragon’s talons. I was laying on the beach of our destination. I couldn’t feel them. I was in a place of worn out faces, a world of people whom I recognized but seemed out of my reach. I had no expression to show them, my sorrow swallowed me up. I saw a glimpse of a trader on the horse recognizing me, but I did not him. Jakob’s dragon landed in front of us. I turned my head, with a weak voice, I spoke up through my chattering teeth from the cold, “Why?” I asked. I turned my head through the stiff pain to look around, for a glimpse of Jakob. I muttered to myself, over and over, “He can’t be gone. He had to make it. He had to. He had to.” I hoped it was just a bad dream.

The dragon answered my query with a roar that seemed to shatter the earth. Dragons are creatures of extraordinary grace, and of few words. They hardly speak, and when they do their words carry such heavy power. “The heart is silent. I will soar to the heavens to see the stars in silence. Azarith, you are our last act.” The dragon roared again, shaking the ground around us, causing the residents of the homes near the beach to scurry outside to see what was going on.

Dragons were rare in this world, and when they hatched, they grew alongside a chosen person, a lifelong companion. They shared thoughts, they shared their emotions. When the dragon fell in love, the human would do so. If the human fell in love, the dragon would do so. There were too few dragons, there were always a few. The words of the dragon made all whom heard feel her pain. The words carried her magic, her life-string, her story of sorrow, her legend, and her love.

With the last words of the dragon, everyone knew the story of a spoiled man and his relationship with the dragon’s companion. Everyone within range of the dragon’s roar knew my story. The story of Jakob and I. It was no longer a secret, soon the whole island would know. Everyone would be abuzz of it. Everyone would not only be gossiping about myself and Jakob, they would be gossiping about the dragon. The sight of a dragon was rare enough, people normally saw one every few years, unless they lived in a large city.

Her roar came to an end, and the shaking stopped, only to be followed by a strong wind. She lifted off into the air, flying off, faster then I have ever seen her fly before. I knew the dragon was gone, for good. Nobody, not even I would see the dragon again. When the dragons bid a farewell, their companion has been taken from the world, seemingly taken to the heavens. The dragon would follow her broken heart, spending the last of her days soaring the skies, searching the stars, in hopes to see him once again. Not even a single legend told of a dragon returning. I collapsed. Unconscious for the next while. I awoke, nearly two days later in the early afternoon. I have survived a terrible storm.

She knew of my pain. She felt more then I ever would. She felt the end of two. Myself and Jakob.

“I love him, mom,” I spoke to my mother, Adria Nimue. I was devastated, unable to make the connection. I mopped around my mother’s residence for days on end, barely eating. Just staring out the window to the water. I missed him, I missed his dragon… but I really missed him. I was… I am in love with Jakob.

My mother understood, “I know you did son.” Her words shook me out of the depressive stance I was in. My mother snapped me back into reality. “He wouldn’t want the love of his life to be depressed.” I never told my mother of my relationship with Jakob. But she already knew.

“Save him,” were the last words I ever heard him say. Jakob is the love of my life. I never got to kiss him goodbye. Our perfect trip to announce our engagement to my mother never happened.


~ by Ashkir on January 21, 2011.

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