Integration with Ashkir [dot] com

Hello all!

I’m sure many of my active readers know that I have a webhosting plan, and I only chose to do Stars in Silence for the postaweek challenge, and the fact that WordPress has a great community. But, in this, I have abandoned my main website, stopped updating it. So, I decided to integrate this blog, that I love with my main Ashkir [dot] com.

I never really used for much, I just used it to show files and be a basic website. I held onto it as it was my alias. I held onto it when a movie production studio decided to use the name Ashkir. It is my domain, and I’ll defend it. I had it for years. I have a large webhosting plan with a great company on a great server, I have a reseller plan. I have had some use it on/off for projects, but it was mainly to manage my many projects.

I had so much more space then I knew what to do with, and my server’s host won’t kick me off if I use it up to 100% capacity as long as it is within my boundaries.

I decided to make Ashkir [dot] com a portfolio kind of thing. A feature of content within my network, friends, and people whom are hosted with me. It developed into a main portal. Over the past few days with help Kate I have put the site under a complete overhaul and decided to integrate my personal blog within it. It is a personal site, I host students, artists, and friends. This blog, and Ashkir [dot] com is my current legacy.

So. Thought I should just let you all know. 🙂


~ by Ashkir on February 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Integration with Ashkir [dot] com”

  1. 1. That site looks amazing!
    2. I am impressed by the fact that you are giving away hosting for free. As someone who took to initially because he could not afford hosting, I know there will be so many people who’ll benefit by it. If only I knew of it before! 🙂
    3. I have always been a little confused by the double blog dilemma: felt that as it is, I do not manage to manage ONE blog well enough, what would I do with TWO? Starve one, most likely.
    4. Sorry about the numbered list: old habits die hard! 😉

    • Haha. Thanks. I actually have been offering hosting for over a year, just never publically really. I usually done it when someone was going to lose their site, etc and told them I’ll give them their place on my server. I host a registered non-profit as well, and have for wow… six months probably now? I had probably fifteen people whom hosted with me, and I haven’t had a single complaint. :).

      I like the community. And I am not going to keep the blog on active, it is just a portal. The blog posts there will mainly be for server outrages and updates. :).

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