TV Listings

Television rots brains.

Here is a list of television shows that I have completed. o.O I decided I should log it. IMDB links too. ^^. If you want to recommend a show to me, please tell me on my ask page (you can find the link in the sidebar). ^^. I have a bad memory for names, so if I seen it, I might’ve forgot the name. Feel free to ask if I seen certain things. ^_^

Currently working on…

  • Criminal Intent
  • Grey’s Anatomy season 4
  • Private Practice season 1


Fantasy – Sci Fi

  • Earth 2 (all episodes)
  • Firefly (all episodes)
  • John Doe (all episodes)
  • Lost (all episodes)
  • Stargate Atlantis (all episodes)
  • Stargate SG-1 (all episodes)
  • Star Trek: Enterprise (all episodes)
  • Surface (all episodes)


Want to watch

I seen bits and pieces of these shows, but never seen them from the beginning to end:


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